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40Ah Long Range Battery


A 40 AH battery allowing an extended autonomy up to 80km, ideal for long outings or for professional use.

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TPack Power 5kW


5000W power motor allowing the most extreme uses, for tenfold sensations!

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Extra fast charge


10A charger allowing the eMott to be recharged in 4 hours for a full charge for the 40A model. Connects to the sector.

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Analogue brake regeneration


This option recharges the battery every time you step on the brake!

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Accelerator by handle


The accelerator is done with a rotating handle to find the sensations of driving a motorcycle.

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DOMINO accelerator handle


Even more precise sensations

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Color customization


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5 999,00


FrameAluminum frame containing the battery pack
Swinging armAluminum swing arm
Front suspensionDouble T suspension fork 110mm stroke
Suspension ARCantilever shock absorber effective stroke 150mm
Front wheelDiameter 20"
Rear wheelMotorcycle tire diameter 14"x3.5"
Front brakeDisc ⊘200 hydraulic control 4 piston caliper
Rear brakeDisc ⊘200 hydraulic control 4 piston caliper
Center distance1240 mm
Total length1790 mm
Ground clearance260 mm
Footrest height290 mm
Handlebar height1160 mm
Handlebar width700 mm
WeightBetween 35 and 40 kg

EngineBLDC 48V, 3.5kW or 5kw motor
TransmissionBy reinforced roller chain Type 415
Rear crownAlu 7075

Battery48V, 25Ah or 40Ah lithium ion
220V mains rechargeBy waterproof socket installed on the chassis, 5A or 10A
Dynamic rechargeAutomatic regeneration under braking
50 ou 80 km

Powerful and durable, the eMott can travel up to 80km at a top speed of 50km / h (on private terrain), a speed it instantly achieves with acceleration. With such autonomy, recharges are spaced and its use prolonged!

Simple to handle, stable, light, silent and 100% electric, it has many advantages. Can be used in the great outdoors, the eMott can take you on all terrains and does not fear descents or climbs *!
* slopes up to 20%

Easy to learn and accessible to everyone (from the age of 11), the eMott can be used in many ways, whether for a ride, a short trip outside town, or in a Bike Park for more reckless.