What is the eMott®?

  • It is an electric personal transport device
  • As powerful as a motorbike or an electric scooter
  • Easier and less dangerous piloting than a segway
  • As funny as a kick scooter, a skateboard or a Hoverboard
  • Eco-friendly and autonomous, just as an electric bicycle
  • It is unquestionable, the eMott is a different, multipurpose and extremely playful device

Attractive features:

  • The eMott is electric, fuel-free and quiet
  • Being light, with a low center of gravity and a vertical driving position, piloting the eMott is effortless
  • Its lithium battery (48V 35Ah) offers a large autonomy, that is to say between 50 and 60 kms according to the driving
  • It is very easy to handle and very fun: getting on, pressing the trigger, and the fun goes on !
  • It can be used everywhere thanks to its 20” wheels and its front and rear suspensions: on cycle paths, circuits, private areas and mountainous ones